Indoor Air Quality Products in Durham, North Carolina

Ensure that your home is clean and comfortable with the expert assistance of L.D. Swain & Son, Inc., located in Durham, North Carolina. We provide indoor air quality products you can count on.

Breathe Easier

Count on our heating and air conditioning company to help you breathe easy in the comfort of your home. We sell, install, service, and maintain an extensive selection of indoor air quality products, including humidification, dehumidification, fresh air, and filtration equipment.
Family in Home,  Air Quality Products in Durham, NC

Our Humidification Products

Our humidification equipment maintains the proper level of humidity in your home. This saves you money on your energy bills by allowing you to lower your temperature in your home while maintaining the comfort level that you are used to. Proper humidification is good for both you and your home because it makes the air you breathe more comfortable, and it makes your home a better place to be.

Our Dehumidification Products

Proper dehumidification equipment is also important for your quality of life, since it helps to keep your home's structure intact. Dehumidification reduces your home's potential for mold and mildew growth without altering its temperature or comfort level.

Our Fresh Air Products

Providing fresh air for your home is as simple as installing an exterior fresh air duct. This regulates your home's air intake, allowing controlled, filtered fresh air to flow in, as opposed to uncontrolled air that comes in around your windows and doors. Our Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) exhaust stale air and introduce fresh air into your environment, purifying the outside air as it is brought in.

Our Filtration Products

Our filtration equipment cleanses the air in your home, removing allergens and other particles that are harmful to certain individuals. By filtering out these microscopic particles, which include dust, pollen, and more, we create cleaner air and allow you and your family to breathe easier.
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